Just had a read as well, didn’t realise how serious some people take this forum 🤯
It’s their obsession, unhealthily may I add.

They are like scorned lovers who dish out empty threats because it looks hard, it’s really odd behaviour and with any luck they lock their forum again.
Like I say I fully support them if that's the way they feel is best for them to deal with aggy posts or posters
Totally cool to take a break...
It's more dignified than a juvenile t*t for tat spat on a public forum...even if it's done behind a username

A return by these individuals would be welcomed by me and lots of others as this thread has shown....
I must say I miss these posters.
The board seems a little more pedestrian without their contributions
I don't know why any of them walked away but i totally support looking after your own well being if online action is not right for you

Hope they return soon
All the best
Ian Bairds Ears
Heard they are all on oneBoro now under different identities.