Is Akpom the biggest turnaround in fan opinions since Zenden?


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McGree was poor because he wasn't in a position that suited him in our previous formation. He was a huge step down from Tav on the defensive side of being a central midfielder. Then when he went to 10 he was ok but he wasn't a 10. Now he is playing a strange role in that he's half winger, half 10 and doesn't have the defensive responsibilities he did playing centre mid so it's allowing him to just get on with all the things that are his strengths.


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You knew that Zenden had pedigree but just took a while to be accommodated so that he could shine.

Akpom arrived after a long line of non-scoring strikers who huffed and puffed to no real impact. Ex-Arsenal doesn't hold much sway in Teesside either after Aliadiere and Hoyte.

We've spent years being ultra positive and crossing fingers for guys who look like they're trying, you want them to do well, but...nah. And then comes Chuba, who pushes himself to actually make that leap forward and seize an opportunity. Good for him and great for us.


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I was talking with 2 PAOK fans on holiday last year and they liked him. They said they would have been happy to keep him, as he scored a few goals but more importantly that he always seemed to be giving 100%. I must say, at the time I'd wouldn't have been unhappy for them to keep him. Over the moon to be proved wrong.


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The difference between Ricard and Akpom is that Chuba now has the complete trust of the Boro fans, where as we all expected Hammy to hit the corner flag as often as he hit the back of the net.

Akpom was obviously a cut above as a kid based on the hype around him at that time, and a combination of good fortune, good management, natural talent and growing confidence has seen that potential finally come to fruition.

He's had a **** time over the last few years so I'm delighted for him as he seems a genuinely nice lad too.


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Credit to Carrick/Woodgate in seeing what Warnock/wilder et all couldnt see and changed his position to get the most out of him and his obvious attributes.

Same with Mcgree that others have mentioned on here. Was poor playing as an"8" or a "10" in Wilderball but the position Carrick has for him, with a free role starting from the left, seems to bring the best out of him.


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I don't think we ever got a really good look at Akpom. He got a few minutes here and there and was shipped off to PAOK. I don't remember too much apart from Warnock (who's public utterances switched from "no 1 target" to "not me, bought by recruitment") giving him the cold shoulder and Wilder pretty much forced into playing him. The crowd/support didn't really have a strong opinion on him either way (not having seen him much)

I think the Zenden thing WAS different, the crowd were witness to some pretty poor initial performances before he became "not shight but alright". Ricard was just as liable to miss a sitter as to score a wonder goal and/or give some of the best defenders in the PL nightmares but this was maintained throughout his stay it never really changes.


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He had a new baby as well when he first joined, and it was in the middle of covid so it probably wasn't easy to settle initially.

And then some of the comments in here from Warnock are poor really. Imagine Akpom reading this.



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Can anyone imagine how we would all be feeling if we had sold him in the summer and he was doing what he is now, but for another club in the Championship. Doesn't bare thinking about. Would have been hard to take.

Bob Fischer

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Marvin Emnes? Signed in 2008 and took over a year to score his first league goal. Then was sent out on trail to Fortuna Dusseldorf, who declined to sign him. Came back and wasn't even given a squad number by Strachan. Sent out on loan to Swansea City, came back, struggled to make the bench for another year.

Then started the 2011/2012 season and looked unplayable. Championship Player of the Month, double figures by Christmas, and finished the season our top scorer with 18. Shame it didn't last...


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Fans opinions on Stuani.

But in this case, our fans thought Stuani ended up getting better with each passing day after he left us.

It just turned out we rarely (if ever) played him in his best position.


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I think everyone knew that Zenden had quality, but he was considered to be a bit of a show pony. He earned the fans respect by rolling up his sleeves and giving it all for the Boro.


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Did McGree get stick? Seen it referenced on here a few times but don't remember seeing anything too vociferous.

Always looked a very good technical player from his debut for us. I agree that he wasn't utilised in his most natural position previously, but a bigger impact has been having someone to play off, in this case Akpom. Technical players can very rarely do it on their own, but put two of them together and their impact is amplified (many times over in this case).

Playing Akpom as a 10 has been a masterstroke. His link play is exceptional but he still manages to get on the end of stuff in the box and find the net. If he carries on at this rate and we don't get promoted I can see a prem club coming calling in the summer, ditto McGree.

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I think everyone agreed McGree was technically good, he just looked a bit lost in the middle of the park and was easily brushed off the ball.

I think I said at the time he looked like a good 5 a side player.

But, the change of position has really helped him… Starting from the left and coming inside onto the ball in pockets of space.