I will never show a vaccine pass to go in pub , football stadium or any other business that asks for one


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I didn't avoid it. I gave a different answer, one you didn't like. That's not my problem that's yours chick. 😀
You gave answer to a different question sweetheart. That's fine, I understand why you didn't answer. I get it.
More and more people are waking up to the depressing fact they are still been taken for mugs by a government that doesn't care either way.
Of course people are being taken for mugs, but not every action the government has taken is without concern for welfare.


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I can't imagine there being much oestrogen on a grab a granny night unless they are all on HRT, of course.
I used to love grab a granny night in York, Mondays I think were, in to Toffs to see what we could grab as brash 18 - 20 year olds💃🕺😍


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The flu one is tweaked slightly - i wouldn’t know about yellow fever an the like, does that change every year

I wouldn't have thought the Yellow Fever one changes anually, it's recently switched from once every 10 years to a one off with a 10 year booster just for high risk/ vulnerable people.


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Do you have the flu vaccine?
No I’ve never had the flu vaccine and I’ve never had flu - i just don’t get respiratory illnesses very often at all, not even colds. I do take Vitamin D supplements an have done for years so i think that’s probably one reason why my immune system works very well