I guess we’ll see how good (or not) Iran really are.

Jedi boro

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Let’s be honest none of us really know as it was the first game and we did comprehensively defeat them, but it’s not until you see them in a similar scenario that you can really judge them.

So wales Iran what do we think then.
I'm not sure the Iranian players' hearts will be in it, they were already protesting against their government in the opening match and they've received so many threats since then.
Really sad seeing those Iranian fans sobbing in the crowd whilst their anthem played.

The players had been threatened in to singing it this time.
Nearly 1-0 Iran, but offside.

They really should have taken the lead there, poor decision making.
No excuses for not holding his run.

so far these 2 sides are matched equally, so England shouldn’t have any issues dispatching Wales if required 👍🏻
Never got the the hype over Wales…. They are really not that good and yet they way the press and fans go on you would think they were world beaters.