I cannot stand Tories but....


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....Rishi Sunak is mightily impressive. He just answers questions factually, from an informed position, in an informative manner. He reassures and clearly knows his onions. Considering he’s new to the role, in possibly the most difficult time in history for a chancellor, he absolutely looks the part to me. Credit where it’s due.
Yes, credit where it’s due.
He has no real baggage and an unlimited budget so he can’t go wrong...at the moment!! The issue will be when the bills need to be paid, although I wouldn’t want to be a current politician with the eye of historical context and hindsight. But then again who would.
There has been a lot of cross party agreement with sensible policy questioning. Read an interesting article yesterday that suggested Starmer, once elected, may get invited to COBRA at least (even possibly government of national unity) for the simple reason Johnson will want to share the blame.

Oh dear.............sad Bear


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I think Hancock has done better than I thought he would at least he has the grace to look embarrassed when toeing the party lie... line.

Out of the sad bunch of chancers, traitors and robber barons, Sunak and Hancock have at least appeared to care and have a modicum of competence.

I imagine that this has not gone unnoticed among the likes of Gove et al and when all this is over Rishi will feel the sharp sting of a plotter's blade between his shoulder blades.
Hancock, that's the one who lied that there had never been a 'herd immunity' policy, lied that he had been discussing with supermarkets getting food to self isolators and before that lied about recruiting 50000 nurses and building 40 new hospitals and recruiting 1000 GPs in 3 months....

Sunak, ex head boy at £42000 pa Winchester College, PPE at Oxford, married a billionaire's daughter....so far benefitting from the fact that PM would be scared to sack 2 chancellors so quickly
George Freeman, a former minister in Johnson’s government said:
“When Labour have a sensible new leader, Keir Starmer [if elected] should be invited to Covid cabinet, Cobra and joint No 10 briefings.”

So not Long - Bailey then? What a bell end. They can't resist it can they? Even in these extraordinary times and as the government implement many policies that Corbyn would have implemented anyway, they have to have a dig.

Let's see what happens if the leadership contest is postponed.