Howson or a Prime Clayton

Who would you have?

  • Howson

    Votes: 28 43.1%
  • Prime Clayton

    Votes: 37 56.9%

  • Total voters


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Karanka had Gibson / Ayala and Grant and Clats. That was some spine. Also don't forget George was probably the best LB in the champo (or maybe Creswell at Ipswich).

I think that promotion winning side was all about partnerships. Then again Fry and McNair has been pretty impressive.


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A prime Howson by a country mile. You can only compere if they are both 'prime?'. That or you say Howson now or Clayton now? Also only one winner😉

Any chance we can throw in a Leadbitter in his prime? I'd have him on a heartbeat ahead of Saville or Morsy.
I'd have leadbitter over these two..... I was watching the ground Howson covered last night and thinking about Clayton and couldn't decide who i'd have. I think Howson is superb at times but loved a prime Clayton.


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This is genuinely tricky, different players playing different roles.

In terms of ability I'd have to say Howson however Clayton played his role down to a T. Under Karanka it was one of those rare instances of a player doing exactly what he was instructed to by his manager (see also Grant alongside him).

That said, he obviously doesn't fancy him to play that role at his current club. Natural decline compounded by poorer players around him?


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The question should really be 'Prime Clayton Vs Prime Morsy'..

Howson is meant to be 'box to box' so who can we really compare him to? Leadbitter? In which case Grant.


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Clayton for me. He was excellent for two seasons leading to promotions and was a better player than Leadbitter then.
Howson has been a very important to us this last year and I am grateful for his versatility and commitment, but my vote is easily for Clayts.


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If your playing 4-2-3-1, looking to strangle the opposition with keeping possession and staying in shape, Clayton, any other formation Howson is head and shoulders a better midfielder


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Fair point. He erm didn't quite play that role for us 😂

Cheeky shout-out to forshaw by the way, he was probably underrated by us.


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Clayton was bought as box to box midfielder who'd scored 10 the previous season.

Did Clayton score 10 goals in his entire Boro career? I would be surprised if he even had 10 shots on target.

and before anyone starts, yes I know he was being asked to play a different role in a Boro shirt, keep your hair on.