How many boro players have scored 20 goals in the league in the last 50 years?

Is not that easy to score 20 in a season, only 5 have achieved it this year in the championship

4 last season

2 the season before that
It is plain weird that we've gone so long without anyone able to do it though isn't it. Even a player who you wouldn't rate as good enough really, you'd think someone would just fluke 1 brilliant season for us or we'd get a weird run of penalties or something.
We were just talking about this last night in my local. We came up with Bernie and before him Big John. John O Rourke score 27 in the old Third Division for us. Arthur Horsfield was also a a good goal getter but I can't remember how many he got for us.
I think if we'd kept Tuncay after relegation, he might have got 20 in this division.

And I think a full season of Bamford and Traore being played together would have got Bamford over the line too.
I thought the misfiring trio of Dong Gook, Alihadamare and Ben Hutchinson was the worst forward 'on rotation' line until this year's idiots came into view
Bamford might've managed it but he got injured in our playoff season. That's the closest we've come. Britt was mostly rubbish for us but he managed 15 and 14 in a couple of seasons. We don't score enough as a team in recent years. Poor forwards have just been part of the problem.