Hancock acted unlawfully in giving Tory cronies contracts


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Typical Tory stuff on this thread I’m afraid.

Carefully dragging the debate down to the lowest common denominator so the original, rather serious issue, is forgotten in a mud of denial, confusion and whitewash.

We all know corruption is notoriously difficult to prove.

There has obviously been some instructions from Tory HQ sent out to the cult on what line to take on Matt Hancock and you see some of it above, these aren’t just posters putting a bit of comment on a football message board, these are propoganda merchants at work defending the party line.


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Good Law Project has been granted a cost capping order of £250,000. They are still a little short but can carry on fighting, and it's much less than the £1m that the Gov' said it would cost.



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Hancock has repeatedly claimed the average delay in publishing documents was "about a fortnight". In fact by November the average time was 78 days



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3 people on this thread have been given short term suspension from posting, largely because they struggle to keep things civil. Two of them acting like Tory shills, which is not welcome.


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Just seems heavy handed to me. Why not post a warning on the thread telling people to relax rather than just wielding the old banning button. I think the correct verb would be “to moderate”. I dislike this process immensely.