Gunnersaurus sacked !


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Think it was said on the other Gunnersaurus thread that the guy has been laid off until crowds can return. Does seem a little silly having a mascot parade around an empty stadium.
Genuinely lovely gesture from Ozil this. Came out of leftfield.

I also quite like the dagger wrapped in a bouquet of flowers at the end there with "As long as I remain an Arsenal player - keep paying me my 250k a week to mooch around being emo or Gunnersaurus dies." Cold as ice, Mesut Corleone.

Maybe going forwards their highest earner could take on the financial responsibility of Gunnersaurus like a pet. It could become a charming club tradition, like having the home atmosphere of a tea shop, pretending to be an elite club even though all your best players leave for Man City on free transfers, and finishing fourth because your defenders are ***** and your players are spineless.

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he needed some good press -- kind of late mind you as other staff had already been shown the door. Kind of embarrassing for 1. The club, and 2. the other players-- surely having a player whip around would have been the collective solution?


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Jack Wilshere has agreed terms to become Gunnersaurus on a 12-month deal. He will miss the first 3 games with a tail injury.