Great Jack Charlton photos/video clips


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There is a film I have seen of Jack as guest on a kid's tv prog with Val Singleton where the kids get to question him. He is manager of Boro when they have just been promoted. He is great with the kids. A real natural on tv.

That was probably Val Meets the VIPs; she also interviewed Margaret Thatcher as Minister of Ed at the time.

Tyne Tees did a series in the mid 70s of him coaching kids which was very good. At the beginning of each weekly episode it showed him saying to some kid of about nine, “show me some aggression!” At which point the said kid blasted the ball Peter Kay No Nonsense style and Jack was delighted with him.


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he did a coaching series, think it was on ITV back in the day & I remember him saying the striker needs to take half a step back into the defender just as the ball is being kicked - put the defender off balance..

also & always makes me remember when I listen to todays players & ex-players stating "you need your elbows out to jump for the ball, it's all natural, & no intent.. to elbow the bloke in the face, just an accident" ..he shows, at a time when the game allowed proper challenges & contact, how to jump like high jumpers are taught ..drives the arms up & forward (not out to the sides).. not into the face of the opposition..

Play Soccer - Jack Charlton's Way[16/10/76] (1976)


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Evening Gazettes 1974, great times, cheers big Jack


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I'm far too young to remember him playing but do think its class that he and I shopped at the same Tesco (Newcastle Kingston Park). Seen him at our promotion game and my dad was buzzing that Big Jack was there. Love a proper North East figure - proper Ashington lad who without football would have been down the mines. RIP Jack your stories are legendary.