Gordon McQueen diagnosed with Dementia


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Haven’t examined it too much but we certainly should be teaching the youngsters from early ages to wear a skull cap . Certainly doesn’t stop the rugby guys and after not too long it’d be the norm , much the same as when shin pads came in
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I think the modern football will not have the same risk as what was used in the 50s and 60s, my dad has said many times about the old lace up balls when they got wet was like heading a medicine ball, no surprise really but hopefully the current players and recently retired ones wont have the same issues in later life.


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So sad! Stay strong Gordon thoughts and prayers big man. Lovely man and he clearly loved his time with the club.

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Very sad. I hope it's one of the less aggressive versions. They are making huge leaps in medication and other treatments. I hope all current and future sufferers get some relief from this dreadful disease. I've seen it at its worst, and it's horrific.


Have met both Gordon, his wife and Hayley Through family friends. They really are some of the nicest people you would ever meet.

truly saddened by this news and wish them all the best.

The link with heading the ball cannot be in doubt judging by the amount of ex players being diagnosed


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Top bloke.

I'll never forget his beaming smile as he skirted unobtrusively round hordes of Boro fans at Cardiff.

'It's Gordon McQueen!'

He was absoulutely mobbed and he clearly enjoyed chatting to as many people as he could.

It was the same outside the Riverside on one of those European nights (Basel/Steaua). He had no involvement with the club by then I don't think, but clearly had a love for it.


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Sad news. Was sat in front of him at Billingham Town when Boro reserves played there just after Mogga came in. When someone slagged off Lee Miller he wouldnt criticise him - empathising with how difficult it would be travelling distances to visit his wife who had cancer
I hope we can all show the same empathy for Gordon McQueen


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Surely someone can invent a headband that absorbs the impact from heading a ball and thus minimise the long term effects. Surely in this day and age it can't be that hard to make. Could be a Dragons Den moment if we pool our minds together


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Yep I last saw him on a train coming back from a reunion when he was fortunately in remission - as far as other football related ailments he was plagued with ankle and leg problems. He joked about having his annual ankle operation and went through periods struggling to walk.
I always think about this when people blast clubs of today for resting players. So many of the ever presents from the past retired with horrendous injuries for life.
But this is such sad news for Gordon McQueen - I know all about vascular dementia from my own family.
Me too Rob - am enduring the cruel later stages with my Mam right now - she's been 5 years - and we haven't been able to visit her for 6 months.

Sorry for Gordon and his family - another brilliant figure who came to our club and settled for the rest of his life.