Gold Season Card Holders

I was reading the T's & C's to the Season Cards last night and it seems like they have all bases covered. A one way system to and from your seat which may involve walking up all the steps to the back of the stadium and then back down them to get to the loo's. Set times for you to enter the stadium, A set concessions stand for food and drink and a set toilet block for your seating block.
I also seem to think that they will have a staggered release after the match to maintain some semblance of order when leaving the stadium.


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Received a streaming code instead of a response about a refund as I was unsuccessful. Bizarre. Daren’t use the streaming code incase they don’t let me have the refund.


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Redeemed my season pass, how are they going to work this with it apparantly being restricted as soon as we're allowed back in the stadium?

As I understand it, I should still be eligible for free access to the midweek away match streams, but would no longer be allowed access to home game streams?
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I would imagine the club will have the facility to cancel individual season pass streams as they will be connected to boro id's

But as mentioned above redeeming it may be your instruction to mfc to not want a refund as the club will know which codes have and havent been activated ... tricky one
Really sad news. It could be an absolute disaster for clubs at all levels from Championship downwards to grass roots. How can they keep going?
I think the only way a lot of lower league clubs can survive is with support from the Prem.
Thankfully we are in a position where we have not stretched beyond our means for the past couple of seasons and it stands us in possibly a better position that a lot of other clubs.