Garry Monk


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Shelf we’d need to be careful about swapping and changing managers or theyl end up in the 3rd div . They did ok at the start and nearly away from negative points .


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I don't mind Wednesday as a club, so I can't wait for them to bin monk.
I hope he fails everywhere he goes until eventually he drops off everybody's radar.


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Always had a fondness for Sheff Wed, but would love them to go down whilst Monk is in charge and they've been cheating.

Frozen Horse

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I like Wednesday, but can't stand Monk. Would like to see SW get shot.

Still, Forest and Wednesday in league 1 next year will give those Mackems some competition.


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Couldn’t happen to a better person. The guy is a tool
Lived in Sheffield for a bit... always was a Blades fan... Wednesday fans always thought they were a cut above


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He’s an awful manager. Looks like he has wasted funds again, buying players for a system he isn’t sure about and then changing, playing a different system he doesn’t have the players for.

He’s making not particularly good players, he has overspent on look even worse, sounds familiar.

Hopefully it’s the charlatans last job in football, a repugnant man.