Full Allocation for Man Utd - 9,443 tickets


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Disgusting prices. I'm still going because I'm local enough that my overall costs of going are lower than most games, but it's still a disgrace.

At least with 9,443 of us we'll make a hell of a racket.


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@rob_fmttm are you able to make any representations to MFC about the price of these tickets? Presumably MFC agreed to the ticket prices.

Both clubs agree remember the home game in the early 2000s when only 17k bought tickets for the same reason .. fans voted with their feet

'For Boro, the only dampening note - on a day when many games were lost to waterlogged pitches - was the game's attendance of only 17,624.

This paltry support may not have impressed would-be signee Yorke and reflects badly on the comeptition as a whole.'
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Remember when the European Suoer League thing get threw out and Sky, Gary Neville etc were saying it was a victory for the fans, the fans stopped this from happening and people lapped it up.

The fans count for nothing and £46 for an adult ticket hammers home this point. But guess what we’ll sell our allocation and we’ll sing and dance and I pat ourselves on the back for being great supporters.

If the fans had a say in anything twenty is plenty would be in place by now, it will never happen because clubs know the fans will always turn up.

Fans moan when we are referred to as a customer, but if we were treated like customers we wouldn’t be charged up to £46 for a football match on a Friday night
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FA Cup is full price unless both clubs agree to a price reduction.
So Boro either didn’t want or couldn’t agree a price reduction


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Middlesbrough have equal say on ticket prices given they get 45% of nett receipts.
I think it is disappointing they have agreed to all the tickets being £45 minimum - they needn't have.
They will have done the calculations on different pricing options and plumped on this choice to maximise revenue, which it absolutely does - if the tickets are sold.
To say they haver done it to let max Boro fans see the game is drivel - utter drivel. It is all about the revenue.


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I bet the semi final tickets against chesterfield and Arsenal weren't anywhere near £46? ... How much were the West Ham tickets too?

Even if they were close big difference between a fourth round tie and a semi-final


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Have to agree. I won't be paying that, simply cannot justify it..

I did pay £45 for the League cup game a fee years ago. Think we took full 10k to that. But this just doesn't seem right to be


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I was looking forward to the potential of 10k boro fans being there with the very good chance of beating UTD.. I can't justify paying those prices and i actually don't think we'll sell out