Fujifilm - More good news for Teesside (Billingham)


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Great to see jobs being created for the area, what a grim reading thread though, they were lining up to have a pop at you eggo and now they are nowhere to be seen. Interesting.


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I am just mildly annoyed that as part of this expansion they have totally screwed up the local road system that has proved more than adequate for donkeys years, driving a huge increase in traffic and HGV's past two busy primary schools.

Seems like these new highly paid scientists are able to look both ways before they cross the road


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What is it like Johnny ? Asking for a mate who is starting in Feb .
Good points , bad points please.
I’ve been there over 10 years and normally only stick out about 5. Don’t think I’ll ever leave . Good pension , great holidays , private healthcare , annual bonus , flexible working, does local charity work. High profile ….. I really like it . Do you know what dwparment ?


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They’ve been buying more lab equipment that my company makes so it keeps me in work… there’s lots going on over in billingham now…


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Also have never been on a 'site' that has so many female employees. Quite often young post PhD scientists in their mid 20's . Major advantage (or disadvantage if you are married).