Friend completes move to Birmingham


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As a player I think he's past it, that said he's another player we need to replace.

As a role model, personality and influence on the younger players he'll take some replacing.

Certainly a player who if there's a crowd allowed in will get a rousing reception from Boro fans when he returns.


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Wonder if Karanka has bought him as a LB expecting the same George he had 4-5 years ago? Might be in for a shock......think CB is his best position now. Anyhow, good luck to him, been a great servant 👍👍


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It does seem other's rate him more than us. Perhaps we are worng?

I think Boro fans are saying he's 'past it' or 'his legs have gone' are comparing him to his Championship team of the season peak. He's not at that level now (you can see him struggling when running back towards his own goal after a furore up field these days), but he's still a steady performer at this level.


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I wish him nothing but good luck and all the best. Don’t think I’ve ever heard a bad word from him or about him in all his time at the club. Has to be one of our best value signings of all time and a true ambassador for the club. I think all things equal he would of stayed but I suspect they’ve given him a longer deal than we offered. Not sure he has the legs any more to play the marauding LB any more by getting forward, he was never the quickest and always looks like he’s treading water when he comes up against someone with a bit of pace. Reckon he’s probably more suited to CB now. The fact we were after that Celtic lad suggests we wanted a new LB anyway. What’s the chances Clayton ends up at Brum too.


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Have nothing but appreciation for Friend. A genuine man and brilliant servant to Boro. Hopefully he returns in a coaching capacity in years to come.