French Toast


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Made some for the first time for ages two slices had brown sauce on one and red on the other. The missus was appalled, her and her family in Ireland would only ever put sweet stuff on French Toast sugar, cinnamon, syrup etc but I got it from my dad who was Scottish not sure if it is Scottish thing or northern thing putting sauce on it or are we just weird ?
Your savoury french toast must be a northern thing.

Because here in Leicester we mainly only put heavy cream, berries/bananas, cinnamon, or nutella/biscoff.
This was French toast in our house!

Lightly toast the bread first. Then rub a clove of garlic into on each side to dissolving, then soak in the egg. One of the finest breakfasts known to man.
Ha that sounds interesting and got me thinking I am assuming that every one adds milk to the egg and beats it together before soaking the bread in the mix when making the French Toast / Eggy Bread is that true?