FMTTM in-jokes


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I was thinking about that the other day when he did move.

I can't remember who posted the original JS and one other thread. Did they leave?

When was it, must be about 10 years ago now.

Scoea I believe he was called. He did have some insight into the runnings of the club, but the tone of some of his posts often rubbed people up the wrong way.


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For example, I don't know where 'Are you a real captain' comes from, but I always get a minor nod of recognition from a couple of oldies when I deploy it.

I've always assumed that was first aimed at captain5, but am probably wrong. One of a few lost posters I actually miss.
'Snowing like a beehatch' is one I never quite got.


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"My hovercraft is full of eels", which I as someone who has been on here for more than 25 years (!) dont remember what it's from.
As previously mentioned, it's from a Monty Python sketch about a Bulgarian (Hungarian?) phrase book, but it was deployed as part of the Reply Club I set up to counter a spate of trolls on the board at the time (ie someone posts a trolling message and everyone replies with "my hovercraft is full of eels" instead of biting).