Feel very low after reading Yusuf post on Social media


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Racist scum bags and vile people have now caused the lad to halt his plans to interview the boro players in what was a dream job for the lad. The utter sick, disgusting vile racist scum bags on COB and any other outlet who have done this should hang there heads in shame. Embarrassed to be a Boro fan tonight. I’m really F***ing upset actually.

Yusuf take care mate and I for one am thinking about you tonight as many will be on here.


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Can we put the post in to the post, that is already made today. Its getting confused for others thank you. I hope Yusuf does a u-turn.


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No need to be embarrassed Block. People like that don't share the views of right minded folk and don't deserve the honour of being called a Boro fan.

There is no excuse for racism, casual or explicit, yet we are starting to see more and more of it.

I am embarrassed because a Top boro fan who travels allover the country to every home and away game earned himself an opportunity of a lifetime and now lowlife scum bags have upset the lad and effected his personal life. I am embarrassed. It’s a disgrace and it needs F***ing sorting.


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Yusuf, Im sure I speak for the majority when I say we are not in your position and can only imagine the hurt, but we are a loving caring family.
Those who chose to live with the flotsam and jetsum in the gutter will never change.
But we all hold each other together, whether its following our teams fortunes or supporting each other in times of need.
Much love.



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That's awful, infuriating and embarrassing.

This guy is a proper fan and no one should have to tolerate this horrible nonsense.

Anonymity or forums like Twitter really needs looking at. Such terrible behaviour should be accountable.