Feedback on new site thread


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Oh to be honest I haven't checked. I will have a look later.
I was hoping to retrieve all the content but although it looks like that is possible we cannot find anyway of loading up to a xenforo site - other than cut and paste - which could take a long, long, long time. I wonder if anyone at all has any ideas.

Largely depends on the format of the data. If you can get hold of the database itself then it should be fairly simple.

The less structured the data the longer it'll take and the more difficult it will be.


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The builders were in this morning. Sorry you don't like circular avatars - got to admit back at the start of the site everyone posted before I could press the setting no avatars - there is always one spoilt sport. ...
I approve of avatars. And the board seems to refresh itself better now.

Has fansonline gone for good? It wasn't just Boro - there was Corridor of Uncertainty for example.


Am really disappointed about it for Corridor of Uncertainty - there are major problems with working on it through the old server. We are still trying to find a way.

Scrote - All the articles are in csv format - not sure about all the message board threads though.