Feedback on new site thread

Cheers found it - it happened back in June and it was some extraneous code stopping it sizing correctly - I have found that code in an email just need to wait for it to be fixed but it just needed taking out last time. So, hopefully should be fixed as soon as the guy is able to take a quick look.
Many thanks


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I think that confirms what is suspected. Certain posters are restricted, not due to software issues but selective by admin.
Maybe. Must be a right ball ache being admin on here sometimes though.

I personally don't want you not to be able to post. Time outs fair enough sometimes for anyone. Otherwise the ignore function should do. Is Boromike no longer on here?


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Boromike is another who complained and got no response. He suffers with the same issue. Again someone who doesn’t run with the crowd, always provides in depth answers and never abusing anyone.

I’ve reported abuse but just gave up in end as nothing got done. But posters like myself and boromike get restricted


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Lefty and Block 21 have PMs. Neither should be having issues. Cooper, you aren't having issues so keep your beak out of admin issues as per the rules. Ta.
I put this on the wrong thread mate sorry. Was meant to be on the season card holders thread regarding the ballot at the time