Famous people who fooled you with their real accent.

Absolutely I have lots of friends in Baltimore, I lived there for two years and my apartment building and favourite bar were in it, my friends were amazed at Idris being English, couldn’t get there heads around lad it. McNulty accent is less convincing

Lance Reddick, who played Lt Daniels, was from Baltimore. He had been watching Elba do read throughs for a while and then he saw him carrying on conversations with the actor who played Herc and Elba kept up his accent and body gestures. He couldn't decide if he was from Baltimore or maybe The Bronx. So he asked him where he was from and was absolutely flabbergasted when Elba smiled and said, in a cockney accent 'east London, mate'.
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Shakin' Stevens - thick welsh accent when talking
Wouldn't have a clue from his singing voice
I absolutely love Jodie Comer, I think she’s incredible. I think I’m one of the few who loves the Scouse accent too so it only heightened my love for her.