England v USA

Southgate has done a great job overall, but he has never learned how to change a game that isn't going to plan from an attacking perspective.

Subs are always too late and never progressive, how Phil Foden never got on when Mount was turd from start to finish is beyond me.

We are not going to win a tournament without taking a risk.
Typical Southgate performance. Any chance the opposition can play we batten down the hatches and he's frozen with fear and can't change things.
We could have gone for it tonight and given the fringe players a game against Wales.
I don't think foden changes anything. He doesn't take the ball out of defence. He doesn't win the midfield battle. We weren't dominating the game trying to break down a packed midfield. We were being outplayed. I would still have expected him to come on though.
Incoming - Eddie Howe.

How Foden didn't get on I don't know.

Southgate is all out of ideas.

Dread to think what France, Spain or Brazil will do to us, assuming we actually stay around long enough to play them.
France, Spain and Brazil ain’t going to play the same way as the USA did, you’re a football fan that has witnessed the Boro beating Spurs and Man U and the same team getting beat by Barnsley,
Its football 😜
USA are a decent side tbf and England still should qualify so not the end of the world. Grealish BTW don't get the hype headless chicken only...but Foden should play
Southgate is in denial. Deluded idiot.

Silver medal was a point today... what on earth does that mean?