England v USA

That was a hard match to watch.

The USA were arguably the better team, despite offering little in the second half.
Well that was embarrassing.

Would be interested to see the running stats as our lazy buggers didn't seem to do much.

If this was a club game you would say the players have decided they want a new boss like us with wilder.
Well that was a stinker. But we just need to avoid getting hammered by Wales. Biggest problem was the defensive midfield. Just didn't work at all. You've got earn the right to play and we didn't. When they do the analysis on the BBC they'll be drawing those circles round the us players with not an England player in sight.
Incoming - Eddie Howe.

How Foden didn't get on I don't know.

Southgate is all out of ideas.

Dread to think what France, Spain or Brazil will do to us, assuming we actually stay around long enough to play them.