Encouraging Signs Under Wilder


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Possible mate, I think most sides with new bosses will recall their players, just to look at them close up, us included.
I was VERY surprised when he was asked to play through the middle, he's not a striker or even a particularly effective attacking midfielder.

I think he's a decent option for his position (winger) but if we're not playing with wingers then it seems pointless to keep him.


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I think the thought behind was that there was space to counter through the middle. Hernandez does carry the ball well when he has space in front him, unfortunately Preston seemed to drop off a bit when he came on and he ended receiving the ball a bit higher up the pitch than Wilder probably expected.


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I remember us saying the same about Harrison - one trick pony etc - send him back to Citeh.
Look at him now. - Give the lad a chance ffs.
I don't see him fitting into Wilder's system, he's generally ineffective playing at wing-back.

I've been calling for him to play in the 2nd striker role but he again was poor the other night.


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It's almost a mentality issue and ours seems suprisingly fragile. It reminds me of a team in a relegation fight (we're not BTW). No matter how well we play you get the impression that we are only a moment away from a sucker punch. We have taken the lead in all of the last 4 games and only secured 2 points. :(