Economy going pear-shaped. Especially up here


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This wasn't the GDP graph I was looking for but it tells a similar story.
It always seems to be us that get kicked in the nuts the hardest.
Then again, I believe our area was one of only a couple of net exporting regions.
I know the issues are piling up but perhaps Brexit wasn't the best idea :mad:


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We built the world then left to rot, cheers mate. Oh well, better water, air, scenery etc. up north but child poverty no thank you


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It never was and never will be. The biggest con of all Tory cons is getting millions of Northerners to believe all their problems were because of the EU.
Back in your place Northerners!

It's starting to feel like a never ending telling off from lots of people who in some cases don't even live here by the looks of it.
But the Northerners are to blame for inflation, a worldwide recession, energy rises, global increases in shipping costs, Linthorpe road and the decline of the high street, Putin food crop shortages etc etc

Anyway 15% of the leave vote was from the North 11% North West and 4% North East 🤷🏻‍♂️


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The long streak of local p!$$ Simon Clarke has just been on Sky with his latest uturn on government borrowing. F great job he is doing for the region and people he is supposed to represent. Growing child poverty and a widening the gap between N&S. Great job he is doing levelling up. What a absolute useless nasty C.


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The economic figures since 1979 will be the same or possibly worse.

The North East needs to be given advantages over more prosperous regions of the UK, instead it seems to get less over the last 43 years. (coal mines all shut, shipyards all shuts. steel works all shut, heavy industry almost all shut).

Power, influence and money are too centralised.