Early Doors


Old Tommy died last week. Shame they didnt do another series.
Personal issues and they couldn't (for a long while) get everyone together as a lot of the cast were busy on a lot of other projects. Shame, but will have to be remembered as a short lived cult classic. 👍


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Beautifully written and acted, just a perfect comedy. I'd also highly recommend, by the same writers, the mini-series Sunshine, starring Steve Coogan and the writers, plus Bernard Hill and a few other cast members from Early Doors. Not sure if it's streamed anywhere but it's absolutely brilliant, and will make you laugh and cry.

Gonna get onto this. Thanks for that


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Completely forgot all about this. A Manc housemate at uni lent me the DVD’s, it’s great.

I think the reason it resonates is those conversations are happening all over the country in pubs every night. I know I’ve certainly had some random convos over the years where outsiders would be like WTF are they on about.


Anyone a fan of this brilliant British sitcom from back in the early 2000s?

Superbly written and features one of my favourite actors too, Boro lad Mark Benton. Love him 👌
Love this programme huge favourite with everyone in our house. Went to see the live show, really good. My favourite line (from the live show)
Duffy to Joe in the context of having a forthcoming date - “Can I have some of your Viagra?”
Joe - “no you can’t I need it for me gout”
Duffy - “I didn’t know Viagra cured gout?”
Joe - “no it doesn’t but it keeps the duvet off me foot!”