Do Russians believe their media.


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Utter rubbish.

The world service has been a life line for many people in totalitarian regimes as for many it was and is there only way to hear what was happening outside their countries regime.

To cheapen it with a throwaway insult like that is not justified.

It’s been a fantastic thing that this country did.
Nothing "cheap" about that comment.
The BBC is the State Broadcaster - forcibly supported and paid for principally by license fee payers - who are criminalised if they dont pay it.
The fact that people listen to it, neither justifies its existence or its purpose.
Boro4life has it spot on: (The BBC) ".....frame public opinion and people believe it".
The BBC World Service is no different to China Radio International, Voice of Korea, Radio Havanna, Sputnik, Israel Radio or Voice of America.
To believe otherwise is complete self-deception.
People listen to what they wish - but hear things differently when they question if what they are told is actually the "truth"?
Or the "truth" as someone else wants us to believe.


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The BBC World Service is owned and operated by the BBC.
Its funded through the License Fee payer with support from the Foreign Office.
"BBC News" is one of the operations division`s of the BBC .
"BBC News" is an information "hub".
"BBC News" furnishes information to Local, National and International broadcasts across all of its platforms.
That includes the World Service.