Derby are 9 points behind us with a game in hand...


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There's been many rubbish posts on this board over the years but I cant believe anyone is even responding to this bollox.


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I'm led to believe they brought a lot of players in & were expected to challenge top 2, certainly the playoffs, so for me they massively under achieved
We on the other hand struggled so bad last season & this season are a team in a project, with some players realising their potential but we're still short of the level of players to add consistency
You're thinking of reddogs (Forest). They signed too many players not us. Maybe worth a doing research before posting that ?

I mean it's not hard to do that research which would takes few minutes for you to see. They signed too many players(too many midfielders though) and we signed 5 at start of the season (hardly lots of players you claimed) we weren't even going to make it to top 2 but only playoffs based on the squad we have. Have a good day.


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Who are Derby?

It's Wayne Rooney's Derby now.

Despite their (alleged) rule bending I don't care about them one way or the other. I do like Derbyshire though. Lovely part of the country.