Denmark to hold talks over European teams quitting FIFA


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Yeah that would be embarrassing. It would just be England and Denmark.

I am properlty gutted that the old board has gone. I've been poo pooed in the past for saying infantitno was worse than Blatter. no ones poo pooing now.

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Fifa is the largest international organisation on the planet and not just sporting organisation either.

It has more members than the UN


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Genuinely annoys me as someone who loves the World Cup that as football lovers we’ve had to sit through three tournaments in a row with gritted teeth.

2018 Russia - joke, corrupt when it was awarded, invaded a sovereign European country before the tournament even happened

2022 Qatar - the biggest joke of all

2026 USA - joke, they had it 22 years ago so far too soon to repeat, and it’s a niche sport, be like holding the World Series of baseball in Belgium

That’s two countries with zero to hardly any culture of football, two countries whose human rights issues are off the scale, one country who would never qualify in a million years on a sporting basis, and the other two who would be lucky to get out of the group stage in a normal year, and certainly won’t ever be winning it.

It’s supposed to be the showpiece celebration of everything that’s beautiful about football, in a country which is passionate about football - and have earned the right to host.

Can’t believe it’s 16 years between tournaments that I’d even consider attending.


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Although I hate everything that FIFA stands for, I would be worried that the Yanks or money men took more control over the game and it would become unrecognisable to the game we all grew with (it's already taken place to some extent). When America held the last world cup, they tried to split the game into quarters to allow for more advertisement.

Saying that Arsene Wenger, the man who stated footballers play too much football, carried out a feasibility study on holding the world cup every two years. This was all about greed.

I would need to know what and who was going to replace it and hope I wasn't jumping out of the pan and into the fire. And as Jedi said, you only have to look at how the golfs have been split to know you can't have two competing governing bodies.

I applaud Denmark for suggesting breaking away but the time to act on FIFA was prior to this world cup taking place with nations refusing to attend. I truly feel that countries have missed the opportunity to make a change.
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Yeah, so agree on the Wenger and the quarters thing.

I hate being the reactionary 40-something who doesn’t like change and resists it all the way but honestly… how much does football need to change?

It’s the perfect sport in its current form - maybe before VAR and the 19 minutes of stoppage time - and the most popular in the world for a reason.

Edit: the last, and hopefully final truly good rule change in football was the back pass rule. Everything else has been fiddling.


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I would love FIFA to collapse and have a reinvention of a world governing body for football..
Also, if true the Saudis investment arm want to purchase both Man United AND Liverpool,the quicker the premier League implodes the better too....