Defend the indefensible


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It's a bit boring on the board tonight, I find myself agreeing with everyone, whats going on?

Come on Alvez_You_Are_Wrong_And_Iam_Right_48, you must have something I can fight about
Bear give me 1,000,365 case studies based on non-anecdotal evidence I can argue with that proves masks stop people being dicks
Randy, I am sure you can start an argument in a phone box, give me your best shot
Face Fuzz, jeez where do I start, it doesn't matter, I am doing it in an echo chamber, come on, prove me wrong that capitalism and dog eat dog actually benefits anyone except the biggest dog.

Small Town, I am going to defend your (cough cough) voting for the Conservative party.

Plazmuh, I am sure you have something to say about this, doesn't matter who we vote for, the goldfish run the world economy.

Come on guys.

Much love


By the way for anyone who toke offence to this post - feck you, grow pair
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Well let me start the fight off by saying that Small Town has every right to vote conservative without being called out for it. In fact I would say that without an effective opposition and government, left or right would become intolerable.


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Oh b*llocks coper, no offense meant - Cooper you are so full of whataboutery it becomes almost impossible to have a conversation with you, you don't argue the point, you argue something you think you can win at... yeah yeah, the NHS is underfunded, but but, the tories pledged free marbles for every child under 6 and over 7.

El Guapo

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I am in drink tonight (again!) but I can’t defend the indefensible. However, I never have to, I’m so well rounded anyway that I have the answer to all life’s issues nailed down, all my points are well thought out and honourably principled and as such my arguments are generally unbeatable. So 🖕! 🍺