Decent result that


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There was nothing to beat today. Happy enough with a point but they were there for the taking. Neither keeper had anything to do, and only one shot on target in the whole game. Shocking that Roberts didn’t get at least 10 minutes. The repeated failings in the transfer market will catch up with us this week if Assombalonga is out injured. Can’t see us getting anything from the next two.


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Decent enough. I still ain't seen a decent side or one that looks 'better' than us. Defensively we solid and much more about us than last season. The lack of goals is clearly still an issue. I like the look of Morsy👍

We don't create much. We had no option to change it up top today. It's a worry a day after the window closed. It makes you wonder why we put so much effort into Bolasie. He's not a CF and it's clearly what we need.


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Decent result against a team in form but whether Reading will be up there come the end of the season is up for question. I do think Warnock should have taken off Saville and given Roberts 10 minutes at least. Saville looked understandably knackered after being away on international duty.

Thought we 'dug in' as a team and looked fairly solid but never really looked like scoring. We couldn't get Akpom involved in the game 2nd half and I just feel having Roberts playing in the hole would have helped.
Why does it seem like we are playing either teams who have been relegated with superior squads or the form teams.
Every point is being classed as a good point. We have the most experienced and successful manager in the championship and yet we now consider a point at home as a good point.
Now fans saying can’t see us getting anything from the next 2, if you look at the next 4 I would say 3 will be difficult. Never known us to be so negative as fans and if their right we would have 6 points from 7. Be in a relegation battle again and in for a long season unless he can get some more players in and them all on the same page.

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Why does it seem like we are playing either teams who have been relegated with superior squads or the form teams.
Given our last 2 matches were against Barnsley and QPR, I don't get your point.
I don't think anyone can deny Reading were the form side going in to this match.

More generally, I think we've beat easy beats a bit too much in recent years; I'm inclined to think of these tough, hard fought points as positives against the background of recent years. I'm glad to be hard to beat.


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A good enough point but cant help think we are missing two olayers at least that elevates us above mid table.[/QUOTE]

if only there was a transfer window where we could bring some in - oh hang on a minute!


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Our target is 4th bottom or above.
Given that view this was a good point.
Lots of clubs papping themselves over finances this year and happy just to hang on in there.
We are definitely one of them.
BUT we'd have lost that match under Woodgate.