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Darts players. I was just wondering if anyone could offer any good tips please? I bought a dart board at the start of lockdown with the intention of getting decent... but I'm still rubbish. Good enough to have a laugh with mates in the pub, and finish on doubles (eventually)! Occasionally hit a quick double, but often takes multiple visits. I still haven't had a 180. Had about 20 attempts over the years (more maybe), but missed the lot.

I've looked on YouTube for help, but it seems to say that how you hold the dart and how you throw is unique to you.

I just wondered if there were any nuggets of info out there that I could try, which might suddenly really help. I do practise, but definitely seem to have plateaued. (Maybe that's my lot, and as good as I can get)? :unsure:
You could have a look at your throw and see where you are being inconsistent and try and make it more mechanical and repeatable. Maybe alto try and alter where you stand on the oche. If you regularly hit ones instead of 20’s try moving to the right or left and see if this helps.

Apart from that the key is regular practice. You can get a few drills off the internet. Round the clock might be good for you if you say you occasional quick double. Learn your combinations, spend time throwing just at T20 and T19 and just try and be as consistent as you can.

Try to practice daily for at least 30 mins. You’ll slowly get better.
Thx for the above. I've tried multiple weights, shapes, sizes. Think I'm on 24g now. (I've spent a good while with each type, not flitted around like 'Snakebite' seems to these days)! I tend to focus on throwing straight. Even that isn't as easy as it should be.

I've tried moving on the oche. I more frequently miss to the right. Especially with my third dart. I'm terrible for quitting on my third dart, and it drops right and low(er). Getting better with that though.

I think I'm probably still improving (very slowly)... but it definitely seems harder than it should be!
I think that a person has to have some natural talent to be a decent player. I played at County level and remember trying out darts in a pub when I was a teenager. I quickly realised that I was better than players who played for the pub.
Practice really is the key. Concentrate on your follow through each time

The problem is the top guys make it look so unbelievably effortless that it makes you think you should be able to. Incredibly hard to get good at
Go around the clock hitting the thick part of each individual number then same again hitting the treble of each number then same again with the doubles. Finish each section on 25 then bull. Doubles and trebles don’t count in the first time around. Do it once or twice a day, if you have time, and take a tally count. Don’t stop until you complete it. Over time you should notice the tally come down and it’ll improve your eye across the board.
Also practice the doubles that split, so 20/10/5
and so on. And try to get down to these numbers when playing a match.
Russ bray darts app is good to practice as you can play matches against it with differing levels.
Don’t worry about 180’s, getting a steady 3 dart average is more important, as you improve 180’s will become more frequent.
Practice. Practice. Practice. Practice. Practice.

Dad was a good darts player, up to county standard (but not quite) and he used to play 2-3 times a week, and practice on the board we had at home 30-60 mins 3-4 times week.

Having the right weight/shape darts is important, and it's also very much a preference as to what you feel good with.

Also amending/adjusting your stance at the oche - a lot of top players all have different stance/throwing techniques so it's not one size fits all.

Don't throw the dart like you would throw a javelin, you're trying to hit the board not put the dart through it. Take it easy.

Oh, and get cork tiles or something to fix around the board for when you miss.......
I’ve played in the leagues for a few years now. I originally started as a pool / snooker player but used to play a bit of darts for a bit of fun.

As time went on, I much preferred playing darts - also easier to practise at home as don’t have room for the pool table.

In Lockdown I worked quite hard on my game. I watched a number YouTube tutorials to give me some ideas and identify where I was going wrong.

People laugh as he’s a bit marmite, but I found the Wayne Mardle tutorials very helpful. He certainly helped with the technical side of my action. One linked below, but there’s 6-7 in the series.

The main things that have helped me, is learning to stay still at the oche / release earlier / follow through to the target with my arm. It’s easier said than done if you don’t do that already, but the more you practise it, the easier it becomes.

There’s a load of drills to help with finishing too. I tend to do round the board on doubles, finishing on bull.

121 is also a good game. 9 darts to finish 121. Each time you achieve it, go up to 122,123 etc. and if you miss go back down by 1.

I find it really helps with finishing combinations and gets you throwing at different targets around the board.

Most of all, practise does most certainly help. In recent months I’ve been practising for at least 1 hour most days. My game is the best it’s ever been. Repition and muscle memory eventually start playing a big part as well. So if you can iron out your action, things become more second nature with practise.

Another thing to add is that Darts is also as much in the head as it is technique. I know lads who are great on the practise board but completely go to pieces in match situations.

Missing the 180 chances is more in the brain. You’re overthinking it. If you’ve hit 2 x 60’s, just try repeat the previous 2 darts and don’t think about it. Easier said than done of course, especially on the elusive first one 😆

Good luck anyway mate. I love the challenge of darts but it can be hugely frustrating at the same time as it can be a game of very fine margins.

There's a mental side to it as well zoning in on the double /treble shutting everything out making the double /treble grow in size,play round the board for practise trying to do it in the least numbers.
Mind i used to train like jockey wilson.
I would just echo the practice advice, my eldest has only really played for about 2 years and he's now up to almost 200 maximums, he plays maybe an hour or so a day in his room and also with his mates in the pub.
I would also suggest this should be fun and something you enjoy doing.
You need to replicate match night environment in practice. Get some flashy change coloury led lights , always practice in your match shirt, thoroughly spray down match day shirt with canned Co2 to get rid of any static which may affect garment flow, play your arena entry song repeatedly , memorise it . Lastly play your victory song through in your head after each practice Leg , but never out aloud, as that is the reward you continuously envisage on match night
Practice enough and you might even pull off an 8 dart finish one day.

(what do I win?)
It's an absolute disgrace that there hasn't yet been an 8 dart finish.

These players need to spend more time practicing and less time eating kebabs.

Other sports are seeing in improvement with better nutrition and a more professional approach, about time darts followed their lead.
Doesn't Duzza do coaching sessions? Maybe worth a session or two with him, I sure he'd work out quickly how you can improve. Would be worth the money I'm sure if you're serious about improving.
Maybe your just crap?

Just kidding, but its a possibility :)
I think it's more than a possibility. I think it's becoming a probability! I've always been good at sports, but I'm realising that was because I was fast/athletic, with good balance. I started darts at the same time as a mate who I used to think was crap at sports... (because he was a slow plodder). Turns out he's pretty good at darts though :(