Corbyn has spoken There is no virus its all a hoax


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Amazing isn't it? Tories won. Brexiteers won, but they still want to hammer Corbyn. You'd think they'd be happy wouldn't you?!
Yes, but people who didn't vote Brexit or Tory still blame the Labour party for not appointing someone who could have been elected PM. They just wouldn't listen that Corbyn was disliked.


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What, so they betray their principles and elect someone like Johnson? Can't have had many in the first place then.
Read my post again - I haven't said they voted for Johnson and I haven't said they voted for Brexit. And as for principals, maybe there principals wouldn't allow them to voted for what Corbyn stood for.


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Agree Jeremy Corbyn should not be held accountable for his brothers idiocy the same should apply to Johnson and his father. Some dont apply that though. Not the posters in this thread by the way
There is more than enough sh*t to throw at Johnson jr, I’ve not seen anyone blame him for his Dads actions. Nope, his dads actions are his own responsibility, merely proves the apple didn’t fall far from the tree.