Congrats to the Lionesses ...

Fantastic achievement for the England womens team.
it was a massive achievement to beat the Swedes and then the Germans in the final. 👍🏻
Enjoy the moment dude. England as a nation are European champions in football. Its something to celebrate. Just because they are women doesn't make it any less impressive.
As great as an achievement as it is it is far less impressive than if it was the men who had won the mens competition.
I wonder how people would be saying if they had been beaten by pens by Germany, still the same misogynistic blab. Why, as sports fans, should be happy for the ladies who have done a sterling job. The whole tournament has been fantastic, some people call themselves sports fans, but choose to find a negative if they don't like what they are seeing. And NO BEER being hoyed about.
So you'll all be glued to the women's game now 🤠

Wonder how many can name the England players, and which clubs they play for ?
It isn't comparable to the men's tournament so the 56 years of hurt thing is nonsense. It is a different competition. England U20s won the World Cup a few years ago and you wouldn't count that.

It's a fantastic achievement for the Lionesses but I don't know why they are insisting on mixing up the stats and records between two different competitions. If the Men's team was really successful we wouldn't dismiss the women's achievement. The women's game and achievements deserve to stand on their own.