Club is on its ****

Lath and especially Coburn certainly aren’t quality, especially for a side aiming for promotion. We knew in January Coburn probably won’t play many games this season and Lath was missing for weeks leaving us with no striker for a very long period, but still didn’t sign anyone

Harsh on Coburn..
Played in our best form of the season.
Ashley Barnes was v v important for how Burnley played last year.
I think we need to aim to make 3 or 4 quality signings in the summer. Need to be looking at bringing in a quality RB, LB, DM and ST. Then one or two additions to that, but otherwise let's keep the bulk of the squad and spend the money on a bit of much needed quality.

If we focus heavily on bringing in the right players for those 4 positions then hopefully we will be able to identify and sign the right players.

We need a LM / LF before a CF .
We've been butchered on the left since game one of the season.
Mad how it was only little over a month ago we were all delighted with the team for holding their own against Villa, beating Chelsea, getting to a cup semi-final, doing okay in the league and staying in touching distance of the playoffs. What the f*ck's happened.
Jones got attacked by Hugill. That to me is the pivotal moment of our season.
We need a LM / LF before a CF .
We've been butchered on the left since game one of the season.
McGree should be starting there, I'm really not sure why Carrick has been playing him centrally since he's returned to the team.

We couldn't really work out McGree's best position under Wilder, then Carrick tried him out on the left last season and he was finally able to show his quality.

Now he won't play him there. It's baffling.
Selling Rogers without replacement in Jan was a surrender. We ran the white flag up on the season that day.

Then the window closed and we thought the damage couldn't get any worse, only for Crooks to leave with no chance of getting a replacement body of any description, let alone a good one.