Climate change protests


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Fully support the cause but cant help but feel they are targeting the wrong people. Dont imagine being stuck in that is a great start to the day

Yeah, it was like when they caused havoc in the tube. Great idea that like: Cause havoc on an electrified mass transit system and force people to drive to work.

That's the problem isn't it, all but the far right and the permanently angry and dumb are aware that climate change is a massive issue. Upsetting normal people, who are aware of the problems, isn't exactly going to help your cause


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They had a guy on the radio yesterday who was stuck in the M25 because of the protests by Insulate Britain, he had to cancel his planned job, which just happened to be fitting insulation to a home.

I wonder if he was going back today?


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Cannot understand for the life of me why they are not removed.... they are blocking a public highway

Same thing happened up here a few years ago and the police did nothing then as well.


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Probably haven't worked an honest day in their lives . Student Gwant types who their Mummy and Daddy probably own helicopters .


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It's a bit bizarre, protesting on behalf of the insulation industry. They can lobby MPs if they want. Energy costs are going up so people won't need cajoling into having insulation.