Championship team of the season

No defensive midfielder? Sara and Dewsbury Hall wouldn’t get the ball off Howson and Hackney. Keep Rutter, we have LL.
Has Hermansen seriously had enough to do to justify being best keeper this year?

Is this voted for by fellow professionals in the division or is it managers, or some other arbitrary review?

Considering Leeds have three players in it you'd have thought they had absolutely pulverised the rest of the division and were sitting 15 points clear at the top.
No Armstrong is ridiculous. The best Finisher in the champo by a mile. He'd walk into that Leeds team (definitely ahead of Bamford).
It's all generated on statistics.
Boro's highest placed player in their player ratings system is Azaz.
Ampadu doesn’t even play center back for Leeds he plays defensive midfielder and he is rubbish.
Not that I would have any of our players in anyway