central heating up-date


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avoided putting it on yet?

Down to 6 degrees here in Bristol, possibly coldest it's been up to now. Got tempted to put it on the other day but withheld and find tolerance level for cool air has risen. Wood burner on in the front room and no one seems to be complaining. Clothes take 2 days to dry, though, and I'm not looking forward to a really cold snap. The joys of modern Britain.


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I've given in. I begged Mrs T to give me the combination of the lock on the boiler cupboard and she did after two falls and a knock out.
Mrs T doesn't normally feel the cold and we must be the only people who have minus settings on the radiators.
Any way- now the heating is on I'm going to the pub- quick shave and I'm off- see ya. :) (y)


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Kept the heating off so far and just put on extra layers and also use my blanket hoodie which keeps you warm. Temperature in our home is currently 17 degrees.


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Still off although making full use of oodie, weighted blanket, hot water bottle and 3 bengal cats

Oh office is alright during day cos of computer running. It's stuff like getting out of a hot shower that's tough

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We've been using ours but more than anything just to get the clothes dry. Cut our cloth in different places though like we don't really order take aways anymore unless both of us are ill or really cba cooking.


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Got it set at 18° soi it rarely comes on at the moment - maybe put it up to 19° over the weekend on an eveningto enjoy a film or some such, but am trying hard to resist it during the day. Extra layers and finger less gloves for typing when working.

Anyone think this could herald a new baby boom if people start snuggling up in bed for warmth?


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We have it now now, but much lower and for a shorter period.

Same here turned it down and turning it on for the odd hour or so if it gets too nippy probably had it on about 10 hours in total so far over the last couple of weeks.


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That's good going, mines been on since October 🥶 Nest thermostat has been brilliant though for controlling usage etc.


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Ours has been on for a month but it's a new house so well insulated and got it set to 19 downstairs in and 18 upstairs and set all TRVs for the right temperatures for the right rooms. Don't think it has come on much so far.

Bit of education for the wife on how the thermostat works because shes always been the sort of person to put it on max until she's hot and then turn it off. Or it would be on high so when you come in from the cold it feels warm when in reality it's better for the house to be the right temperature and to get yourself warm.


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The cold is good for you 👍🏻 People have become far too soft with all this central heating nonsense 🧐 when i was a lad we had nowt, in fact we had less than nowt, and we were happy about it 😵‍💫


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Set at 20' for around 3/4 hours a day. Can't take feeling cold. Trying to get used to not having it on 12 hours a day before our fixed rate ends Oct next year

SE4 Red

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Been on a bit since start of October but despite it being a relatively mild Oct/early Nov and usage significantly down on same period last year our bill for mid Oct - mid Nov was just shy of £300 (gas and elec).


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Set ours at 17.5. Got a 1 year old in the house so can’t really avoid having it on. Smart meter was £15 yesterday for electricity and gas together.


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Heating has been on although using it sparingly. Worked from home 4 days so computer on and lights in later afternoon. Navy showers for me although not the missus! Just the two of us in the house and smart meter showing £87 so far this week.


Been on maybe a month now, set to 20 upstairs for a couple of hours on a morning. With the TRVs right down in rooms we don’t use.
Downstairs is underfloor and has a thermostat in each room so they’re set to 20 but with the timings set so they’re kind of following us round the house through the course of the day.
We don’t have a smart meter but I send regular meter readings to keep an eye on the damage.


That prompted me to do a meter reading.
Pro rata usage for Nov from last two readings.
£120 a month electric, £95 a month gas.
Two of us, both wfh.

@redcarbob that sounds like heavy usage for a week like!