Bouncer in Middlesbrough

I have had two nasty incidents with bouncers.

The first time I was just a youngster, maybe 18 or 19 years old and a big bouncer just attacked me for no reason whilst waiting outside to join a club, afterwards he apologised, said he was having a bad night and thought he heard me say something.

The second time I was in my late 30's, bigger and more able to look after myself. I was in a large group and one of the guys was playing up a little, not being violent but just being silly and annoying. Two bouncers came over and I said that I would try to calm my friend down but they turned on me instead for no reason. One of them was really aggressive, grabbed me and took a swing so I defended myself, hit him and actually knocked him out. The other bouncer ran away and called the police, I was arrested for this but thankfully there was CCTV footage which after being reviewed I was released from cells about 4am.
That definitely looks to be outside of the Empire to me. You can see the bus stops and adverts on other side of road.Capture.JPG
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I'd imagine the kid is probably a bit of a d*ck, and was probably acting like one after one too many sherbets etc.

He was probably giving the bouncer grief and might have even tried to have a pop at him. Still absolutely no justification for the bouncer's behaviour however, and I agree that he should lose his license and should also be arrested.

I just thought back to this incident, when a young Carlisle fan tried to attack a bouncer. The bouncer dealt with it perfectly by using enough force to put the lad on his @rse and show him up in front of his mates, without actually hurting the lad. He realised in the end he wasn't going to get anywhere and walked away. That's how these sort of situations should be handled.

he was about a foot away from cracking him onto the kerb. could have killed him

i suspect this bouncer will be getting a knock on his door at some point this week from the police
Not condoning or saying it’s acceptable but does annyone actually know what happened before this clip. It looks bad but is this is a reaction to a previous incident? Too many people these days think they are untouchable and can say and do what what they want without any consequences.

That said the reaction is massively over the top and was potentially life ending or changing.
I can see where you're coming from but that move he does there is absolutely never acceptable especially on a concrete / tarmac surface. I've seen way too many fight videos where people have that done to them in a scrap and end with a feeding tube due to the potential for brain/neck/spinal injuries.
Great news.

If this goes to court, the judge is likely to impose a large sentence given the door supervisor will have been trained and should know better. Maximum sentence is life imprisonment but he'll probably get it down to just GBH and 5 years.

(And of course, he's definitely lost his badge too.)
GBH with intent is serious so he could end up in prison for a few years.
GBH with intent is serious so he could end up in prison for a few years.
Yeah, but his lawyer will point to the fact his victim walked away from the scene so will ask for the lesser charge of ABH or common assault most likely.

He should still see jail time.
The Empire from 93-98 the lads who worked that door were hard blokes and didn’t take prisoners..Manderville, Doneathy etc…you made sure you behaved yourself.
I’ve seen another post claiming the lad the bouncer was rag-dolling had a knife on him and had been threatening people outside.

That’s the problem with social media, you never get the full picture.

There's two bouncers there that could have easily pinned that lad down and waited for the police to arrive. The bouncer in question was clearly not in any danger from that footage anyway.