Boro vs Reading Match Thread

Brit needed dragging off about time the penny dropped, offers nothing absolutely diabolical footballer its like playing with 10 men, as for making him Captain baffling to say the least.
I wondered if Britt was made captain to try to get more out of him!! - Since we couldn't get shot of hin, and he's on huge wages, it crossed my mind that it was a ploy to get a bit more for the money - LOL :ROFLMAO:


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Tav played well first half but faded second, not sure if that was them marking him out. We do need more up front for sure


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Can you give me 1 example where Tav looked a danger? Serious question.

He plays wide and never put a single cross in at all. Didn't have a single shot on goal at all.
Tav is clever, moves with the ball well, and can play through balls, crosses and little 1-2s but it didn't quite come off today. But he was always on the cusp of creating things. Reading had to defend him well and they did. I agree that he tired at 65 mins.


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Look solid defensively and dangerous when we get the ball in the box quickly, could do with a big centre forward. Wonder what Rudy is up to these days?! (only joking!)