Boro vs Reading Match Thread


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not sure why he would bring Johnson on for Britt unless Britt is injured. Akpom took a knock too - shows our shortage of players
Brit needed dragging off about time the penny dropped, offers nothing absolutely diabolical footballer its like playing with 10 men, as for making him Captain baffling to say the least.
Not been a great game so far.
Couple of bright spots.
But no Boro chances yet either.

Both teams lacking that finesse to make a break through.
If Roberts is fit he could provide it.

Once again though, Assombalonga was not at the races.
Touch poor, no shots, no headers won.
I’m sorry but he is a waste of time.

I dearly want him to succeed but its the same every game.
Regarding his captaincy? He really cannot motivate himself never mind others
No surprise that Warnock has hooked him at HT

I’m not sure we can provide that goal at the moment with the current midfield.


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I have been fairly happy with us, we are never going to dominate Reading as they are a top team this year and keep possession well. I couldnt point a player out as having a bad game but few stand outs either. Need ot hope we get a break as I can still see them knicking it 1-0


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Akpom isn't going to lead the line. I think that's clear already.

Walker isn't good enough and that's why he's been moved on. I know it's a body but clearly not fancied or rated.

I would doubt anyone who comes in on a free will be anywhere near fit for weeks😒


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Not wanting to tempt fate but wondered what’s happened to George Pukas for them. He has a great pedigree and was good last season (though was injured vs us at hoe IIRC)
Neither team is pulling up trees, but there's no shame at all in getting a draw against this mob.

Home advantage counts for less in these days of Covid without the fans backing and we'd be the first to get anything against them this season.