Boris Johnson - next PM?

Markets on the slide again FFS. UK gilts increase no doubt reacting to the prospect of the swivelled eyed loons electing Johnson to return.
Johnson to get the destruction of the UK economy done.
Tell the EU to f off completely.
After all its all their fault.
Ban trade unions. Then there will be no labour party. No workers rights. Just starving ,cap touching , tory voting, bald headed gammons spouting their politics in the remaining weatherspoon pubs that haven't gone bust yet.
Still we've got a royal family riding around in luxury whilst you can't afford a weekend in crimdon dene.
Ha ha
I expect Sunak would win

But if it’s who gets over 100 votes it’s going to be BoJo V Rishi

And members will probably vote Boris, but who knows 🤷🏻‍♂️
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