Best punk/new wave singles


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Spurred on by the BBC6/Marc Riley thread just now, what's your fave single, 76-79ish? Dunno why I'm picking this, as it's never seen as one of their best but I remember hearing it for the first time and.....I find it difficult to find the words even now but there's something about the clapping/marching sound colliding with Paul Cook's cascading drums, then Jonesy's massive guitar sound and Lydon's furious, bilious snarl. Gawd. Never forgot the feeling of hairs standing up on the back of my neck.
Too many to list.

Love everything from this era from the Pistols and the Damned.

I don't play Bodies too loudly though with all the windows open.

Lots of others from this era as well, i would be here all day listing them.

You cant beat Punk from 76-79.