Benidorm Curfew/Spanish Lockdown.

Just received this for the administrators responsible for day to day management of our apartment block:

Recommendations from Collegiate Property Managers for buildings
affected by coronavirus

Given the doubts that arose regarding the way to act in cases where infections occur in
a building, we summarize the recommendations of the health authorities


Carry out cleaning and disinfection of the surfaces with which the patient and / or their
secretions have been in contact. Cleaning and disinfection will be done with a
disinfectant. According to the Ministry of Health, these viruses are inactivated after 5
minutes of contact with disinfectants for general normal use, such as bleach or with a
sodium hypochlorite solution. A sodium hypochlorite solution containing 1000ppm. of
active chlorine-dilution 1:50 of bleach with concentration 40-50 gr. per liter freshly

Cleaning staff will use appropriate individual protective equipment depending on the
level of risk considered in each situation. Some must be carried out by people who care
for the patient, and those that affect common areas will be carried out by the building's
cleaning services.


The disposable material used by the sick person and their caregivers - gloves, masks,
tissue paper - the individual protective equipment of the health personnel - except
glasses and masks - and any other patient residue, must be disposed of in the rubbish
can arranged in the room, preferably with lid and opening pedal. The plastic bag where
it is deposited must have a hermetic seal and must be closed before being removed from
the room.

The mask and glasses must be removed outside the patient's room, where there will be
also a container for this purpose, with similar characteristics to those described above
and with a hermetically sealed plastic bag. After each deposit of waste in these bags -
bag 1-, they must be closed and discarded as indicated above.
2 people at a time now allowed in cars in Spain

The story here on the Euro Weekly News site from last night says there has been a relaxation of the rules so 2 people can now travel in a car. As long as you sit with the 2nd person in the back of the car. On the opposite side from the drive. To maximise the distance between the two people.
How does the article tie in with the local view of what went wrong?

Spanish response so wrong
To be honest. I cannot disagree with any of it.

The main areas of biggest infection are Madrid (airport hub), Catalonia (airport hub - also next to Valencia) and Málaga (partially fed by the people who escaped from Madrid plus a big airport hub). People in those areas are getting hit very hard. Probably like London and Birmingham in the UK?

I agree that the lock down appears to have been implemented better here compared with the UK.

We are now seeing a rapid ramp up in facilities and equipment (testing, ventilators, masks, gloves, plans for temporary hospitals etc.). However this is playing catch-up.

The joint purchasing agreement across Europe will help us with purchasing here (but not the UK as you have chosen to opt out).

Spain is calling very strongly for a Europe wide plan to finance the recovery when it can happen. Again, the UK is likely to miss out on this (or opt out I guess).

What is sad is that the UK has had time to see the mistakes over here (and in Italy). However it appears that the opportunity to prepare was wasted in the UK.
A video of someone who is famous here for doing guided trips around greenhouses. This is brief video from when members of our golf society had a visit.

See the one below for a better overview of the industry...

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And another one...

just played it again. Really worth a look. A way of spending an interesting 8 minutes or so.

They have made a mistake right at the end. They say that the filming is in the Costa del Sol. In fact it is in the Costa de Almería.
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