Barring John Hartson, is Lee Dixon the worst co-commentator at the World Cup?

Jedi boro

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The grumpiest man with the biggest chip on his shoulder in football commentary.
Miserable bar steward.
He really is isn’t he

It’s like he’s done is s favour just showing up.

But savage as yet is no where to be seen


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Watching Brazil v Serbia and it reminded me. Who was the Brazilian ex-player who was with the BBC a couple of world cups ago? He was excellent, not only informative but he had the best command of the English language on the panel.


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Pat Nevin is a really boring, monotone co commentator. His Scottish accent has become stronger over the years, so it's really hard to understand what he's actually saying.

He was paired with a female commentator on Radio 5 the other day who was also awful.

I just turned off the radio and listened to the rain battering the car instead.