Balloon over US


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There's always the option of A) Contact relevant governments asking them if it's their balloon and telling them it has X hours to leave US airspace B) If balloon is still there after X amount of hours, shoot it down.

Why the hell would the Chinese bother with balloons anyway, what can they possibly see that a satellite can't?


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This story seems blown up out of all proportions. It's hardly a DEFCON status change event. I suggest US ring up China and say "Have you lost a balloon" and they will no doubt say " We don't recognise international phone call, please send letter through embassy" and they will go from there.


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I meant before it passed over land
It came in via Alaska and Canada apparently......I don't think it was detected until it was already over land. The US don't seem worried that the flight path is taking it anywhere controversial, they're taking the moral high ground with this one (makes a change, I know!)


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This has made NORAD Look very silly as it has drifted in over Alaska and Canada before being spotted by civilians in Montana. They also think it was spotted from a commercial jet as well prior to arriving in the US.

These balloons are very crude but are difficult to detect on radar due to limited radar reflective surfaces… that being said NORAD should have picked it up.

China has claimed it’s a rogue weather balloon however it must have some control surfaces as it apparently loitered over a US Airforce base for a number of days

Either way the US airspace management is once again showing it is not fit for purpose, and this is off the back of the 9/11 review telling us it was now one of the most secure airspace’s in the world.

Can you imagine a civilian jet hitting this in mid air? Doesn’t bare thinking about