Artists you love but who don't fit your usual musical profile

Helene Fischer. The Queen of schlager who sells out outdoor arenas In Germany. 120000 saw her at the Olympic Stadium Berlin.

I would say my musical tastes drift between 1970s glam rock and 1980’s post punk
From Bowie to Bunnymen.. and nothing in between.

Quite like this tho..
David Bowie for me was far more interesting as a person than his music, apart from one track (Five Years). I don't get all the glam stuff.
Madonna. I don’t care about her political views or what she’s done to her face. Her back catalogue is diverse and outstanding. She is a one in a million talent.

That said I quite like Lady Gaga as well, but not to the same extent.
Most obvious one for me at the moment is Harry Styles.
"As it was" is genius.

But you get more of a picture of his talent (and that of his amazing band) from something stripped down like this

I love Harry styles. He’s creating music which is different and appeal and falls into many genre’s
I dislike heavy metal but love Black Sabbath, which doesn't really make sense but there we go.
Do you not like Led Zeppelin?

I can't listen to Black Sabbath as I can't stand Ozzy's voice, but the music is good.

I know heavy metal came out in the 60's/70's but stuff from back then just doesn't seem that heavy anymore, it just seems more like wider-encompassing heavy rock I suppose.

When I think of heavy metal, I think more like Slipknot and Metallica etc, I'm probably wrong to think that, but it just seems to fit better for me.