Arsenal or Chelsea?

Marv, for fans, a trophy = an incredible day that you will never forget. Finishing 3rd in the PL secures signings for next year. How do we change that dynamic? Easy you get a champions league spot for finishing first and/or winning the FA cup. Fans should see this, but most don't because they buy into the nonsense that idiotic commentators tell them.
There is another thread about I want I want (kids), that is football supporters, we are both old enough to remember Ayresome Park and fitting for survival, to have the right to play football.. Oh and @Robert Nichols Ayresome is highlighted as a spelling mistake, sort that one mate!
{edit} I soooo hope I am right with the spelling.
Champions League is to decide the Champions of Europe, not a competition for Champions only. The argument being that the team finishing in 4th place in the Prem are probably better than the team winning the Welsh League. (And of course will generate more money 😉)