Arsenal or Chelsea?


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Had it been boro Sheriff, I would say stonewall.. Probably a penalty, but man.. On a different subject Arsenal are completely bossing this
Yeah i thought they might collapse after the first ten minutes, but I think Chelsea got scared of the long ball and dropped back a bit, while arsenal got bolder, and they've been all over them in midfield.


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Im so happy:
Started listening to the game.
Heard the first 5 minutes
Fell asleep
Woke up to find the Arsenal Captain telling the BBC how happy he was.
I`ve no interest in these inter-london local league games.
Having a rather late tea :giggle:(y)


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Great result.

The better team won.

The biggest shame is the amount of talk there is about 'the top 4' and/or a trophy.

This 'top 4' boll0cks is a joke now....Sick to death of hearing the press, pundit etc bang on about 'top 4'

Winning a trophy is a far greater achievement than finishing in the 'top 4' and winning sod all.

Arsenal for the past 7 seasons have won 4 FA Cups....Spurs for example on the other hand have finished in the top 4 for the past four season prior to this season and won what exactly?


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Agree, Laughing, but I watched the final today on MOTD and the amount of discussion that was made regarding the 'top four' was a joke....they've clearly fell into the same trap and nonsense that Skysports are polluting.

It shouldn't even be a thing.

Judging a team on finishing in the top 4. Incredible.

Give me the League Cup trophy, nevermind the FA Cup, before 2nd spot in the Premier League all day long!

After 50 years, you will always have that medal....will 2nd, 3rd, 4th place be remembered??? No chance.